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Grey Sky

Grey Sky


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The Headland is our take on the classic wayfarer shape. It's a medium-coverage, medium-sized frame that is great for sports and activities. The Headland is named after the beautiful Marin Headlands, our favorite hiking area not far from Sunski's home city of San Francisco. The Headland is a unisex style with a universal fit that works well on all faces.

Made of

SuperLight is created from scrap plastic that would otherwise end up in a USA landfill. We intercept this scrap plastic from the waste stream and reformulate it into our SuperLight polycarbonate resin.

How To Use

1.Choose a Design that Suits your Needs
2.Add a Pop of Color to Complement Your Clothes
3.Put Them on Your Head or Hook Them to Your Shirt
but most important Protect Your Eyes

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