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Indosole Essentials Adventurer Men Sea Salt

Indosole Essentials Adventurer Men Sea Salt

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Embarking on a new adventure in collaboration with Hijack Sandals we could not be more thrilled to announce the Adventurer—a sandal that blends the iconic designs of Hijack with the sustainable soul of Indosole. It's a match made in footwear heaven! What sets the Adventurer apart is its meticulous craftsmanship and adjustable straps, providing unparalleled stability and support. Designed for the travel bug cruising the coliseum in Rome, the nature lover exploring forests and coastlines , the

Made of

Custom molded footbed adding extra comfort & support
Recycled sneaker soles
Hi-Panel compact stitch-less panels
Adjustable straps
Laser engraved ENVRO fiber straps
Light and flexible at approx. 369g (13oz)
Made without animals or the use of fuel powered machinery

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