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Sunski Sunglasses Taraval Black/Aqua Mens

Sunski Sunglasses Taraval Black/Aqua Mens


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The Taraval is a performance shade that leans masculine, with large fit and very good coverage. Best for medium and large head sizes. The Taraval is a classic square sport frame, with oversized lenses and wrap-around protection for those ready to charge head first into their next adventure.

Made of

SuperLight is created from scrap plastic that would otherwise end up in a USA landfill. We intercept this scrap plastic from the waste stream and reformulate it into our SuperLight polycarbonate resin.

How To Use

1.Choose a Design that Suits your Needs
2.Add a Pop of Color to Complement Your Clothes
3.Put Them on Your Head or Hook Them to Your Shirt
but most important Protect Your Eyes

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